Welcome to Broadhayes Stone

Ready to Lay Natural Stone Supplier

We have been a natural stone supplier for over 30 years, supplying our faced, ready to lay flint stone all over the UK.  Our portfolio of happy customers includes builders merchants, stone masons, builders, landscape gardeners, councils and the general public.  Our faced flint stone is ideal for general walling, facing buildings, landscaping, flooring and many other building projects.

The business started with hand picking flint stones from our land in Devon and selling them straight from the fields.  As time has gone by the demand for a ‘ready to lay’ natural stone supplier has increased so we started to grade and wash the flint stone prior to selling.  As well as grading and washing we now hand sort the stones and split them if required to ensure that every stone has at least one face and fits within the specified bed depth.  This ensures that builders can get on with building, as we have done the sorting for them, saving you time and money on laying the stone.

Because Broadhayes Flint Stone is a natural product the shapes, sizes, colours and textures vary making every build as unique as the stones themselves.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and that it will give you some ideas and inspiration for your next project.