There are many advantages to using our ready to lay, faced flint stone (also known as chert) including;

1. Showing the amazing colours and formations inside the natural building stone.

Splitting the un-faced stones brings out many different colours and textures that would otherwise remain un-seen.  Building with a mixture of split and natural faces gives a great finish and adds interest.

2. Very little waste and quick and easy to lay.

Because we ensure that every stone we sell has a face builders can get on with what they are good at – building – as we have done the sorting for them.  Saving time and money when building with our stone.

3. Able to blend in with any environment.

Because it is so versatile our stone can be used to match in with existing stone buildings or for traditional or contemporary looking new builds.

4. Maintenance Free.

Once our natural building stone is set into cement it requires no maintenance and over time will weather and look as though it’s been there for ever.